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The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer. Time to make it cozy indoors again and make your house  'winter proof'. We are happy to tell you how to turn your bedroom into a nice warm place.

Read on for tips below the photos.

Waking up from the cold is not necessary with a wonderfully comfortable duvet. A four-season duvet is the ideal solution. One coat in the summer and two in the winter. You can fasten them together with handy press studs. Nilson has duvets for all seasons.
One or two beautiful plaids on your bed is not only nice and warm. It also gives atmosphere to your bedroom. Combine plaids of different materials and / or colors for a sophisticated effect. In our showroom you can find inspiration for styling your bedroom and we are happy to advise you on beautiful plaids. Take a look at our wonderfully soft plaids made of imitation fur.
A set of beautiful cushions with various prints turn your bed into a real "masterpiece". In our showroom you will find the most beautiful decorative cushions. We are happy to help you put together a combination.
Get out of bed with bare feet on a nice warm rug. This is especially pleasant in winter! Rugs made of soft high pile materials or sturdy wool. In our collection you are sure to find something that suits your taste.
End the evening with a good book. A nice ritual before going to sleep. A good reading lamp that matches the style of your headboard and bedroom is essential.
A cozy candle light, with or without a relaxing scent. Soothing music in the background. Create your own pleasant atmosphere during long winter evenings. For information about the products shown in the pictures, please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it.
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