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News | Nilson Beds welcomes spring with bed Pink Blossom

Glamour is back in the interior. Boutique hotels are hot and in the residential world, boudoir chic is a popular theme. Powdery pastels and 'nude' shades combined with a dark color give an exciting and stylish effect. The new pink bed ‘Pink Blossom’ from Nilson Beds therefore forms the basis for a beautiful statement in the bedroom.

"Pink is a versatile color and easy to combine"
The new boutique trend is characterized by a mix of luxury materials, warm colors, shiny fabrics, golden accents and exotic accessories. "The art is always to keep the basis of your furnishings neutral and timeless, so that your furniture can grow with the trends," says Rijndert Fluit, founder of Nilson Beds. "Our new pink bed is a good example of that. The model is sleek and timeless and the color fairly classic."

"Pink is a surprisingly versatile color and easy to combine," says Rijndert enthusiastically. "With ton-sur-ton bedding you create a very chic and peaceful atmosphere. But in combination with dark brown, dark green or a trend color such as Marsala, a more bombastic effect is created. The desired style can be further implemented in wall and floor coverings, a nice soft rug, stylish lighting and exotic accessories."
Custom bedroom furniture
In addition to beds, Nilson makes bedside tables, side tables and seating furniture for the bedroom. These too are tailor-made to match the bed and interior design. "Everything can be ordered in the desired RAL color or type of wood," Rijndert explains. "By aligning all furniture with each other, unity and peace are created, and that is important in the bedroom."

Luxury bedding
The interior lover can also turn to Nilson for bedding and bedspreads. "All our bedding is made to measure in the fabric and color of your choice," says Rijndert. "For example, we have wonderfully soft Egyptian cotton with a beautiful shine. That really creates the luxury boutique hotel feeling at home!” laughs Rijndert. "As a finishing touch, a nice mohair bedspread can be draped at the foot end."
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