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News | Nilson presents new bed design by Wolterinck


At the Nilson showroom in Amersfoort this spring, you can start imagining yourself in an Italian setting. Here, Marcel Wolterinck proudly presents his latest bed design, Livello. Wolterinck experiments with block shapes of varying height, inspired by minimalist Italian design, while the warm accents are reminiscent of terracotta from Tuscany. (text continues below the photos).

"The bedroom as a surprising living space"
Like an artist, Wolterinck talks about his latest concept: ‘The shapes are asymmetrical and the materials contrasting. A mix of hard and soft, smooth and rough materials, matt and glossy. There is layering in the design as a form but also in functionality. The individual modules can be used as an extension of the bed, as a couch, console or dressing table. The bronze and natural tones enhance the luxurious look of the design and give the room a warm feeling.’ 
Wolterinck is not only a designer but also an art lover in heart and soul: ‘Before the presentation of the bedroom, a painting by Mart Visser caught my eye. With that, everything fell into place. Mart created his work as if he knew what I was going to do here. It creates great harmony and greatly enhances the intended feeling!’

Nilson founder Rijndert Fluit is also enthusiastic about the new presentation in the showroom: ‘Italian design is very much in fashion. Sleek interiors with low modular furniture is something you see more and more. As a bed manufacturer, we would like to respond to this. We have been working with Wolterinck for many years and Marcel has a good sense of the direction of where we want to take our brand. This new design is a great addition to our collection. The bed can be placed against a wall but can also be placed free-standing in a loft-like room, like an island. That is really impressive! Naturally, the sleeping comfort is of the highest quality and the bed can also be custom made.’

Timeless design
Livorno is Wolterinck’s fourth bed design for Nilson. He previously signed for Marseille, Menton and Sea. ‘These collections are also still a favourite of the public,’ says Rijndert. ‘The strength lies in timeless design. That remains beautiful.
The innovation is in upholstery and styling. We keep up with trends so that the look remains current. We complete the picture with beautiful satin sheets, luxurious plaids and matching decorative pillows!

About Nilson
Nilson specialises in high-quality sleeping comfort. All beds are custom-made from the best (natural) materials and designed by top designers. The beds are made by hand in the Netherlands. Nilson offers a unique concept through a complete collection of high-quality sleeping comfort with luxurious beds and headboards and accessories such as furniture, duvets, pillows and bed linen. The target group includes local and international customers: interior designers, hotels and private individuals. Meanwhile, more than 30 hotels worldwide are equipped with luxury Nilson box-spring beds.

About Wolterinck
Wolterinck is a high-end design studio for interiors, exteriors, gardens and products with a showroom in Laren (NH). The versatile company is formed by a team of over 25 enthusiastic architects, designers, stylists and other professionals led by founder Marcel Wolterinck. From villa to country house and from yacht to office, the total concepts and attention to the relationship between interior and exterior make Wolterinck’s working method unique.

More information on this press release: 
Please contact Daniella Helmus (Marketing & Communication) via: info@nilsonbeds.n or call 00 31 (33) 303 9850.
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